The Constitutional Court of Austria
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The Constitutional Court of Austria

The Constitutional Court is the highest state body in Austria when considering constitutional law. By their decisions, the constitutional justices create legal certainty for federal and state legislators, for the administration, as well as for every individual. This is their core responsibility. The Constitutional Court is also one of the highest political bodies in Austria. Sometimes the justices of the Court have to make decisions that carry extensive political consequences. As a court, it cannot take action on its own; however, it is required to make a decision if it is called on to do so by a permissible application. The opposition is thereby given the opportunity to oppose a law, which it thinks may be unconstitutional. A review of legislation is also possible if the Court, while reviewing a particular case, has some doubt as to the constitutional validity of the law. On this site, basic information about the Austrian Constitutional Court is provided in English.

Sorry, but please note that decisions of the Court are only available in German