The Constitutional Court of Austria



Here are key contacts for possible questions about the Constitutional Court of Austria. Please note that we cannot give legal advice. Furthermore, we cannot respond to comments on the decisions of the Court.

  • The International Relations of the Court are managed by the Head of Protocol.
    Contact: Reinhild Huppmann,
    phone +43 (1) 53 122 1014
    or mail

  • The record office (Evidenzbüro) is the comprehensive documentation center of the Court. You can get information about past decisions of the Court.
    Contact: Brigitte Lipska,
    phone +43 (1) 53 122 1160
    or mail

  • Media services are provided by the press officer and spokesman of the Court.
    Contact: Christian Neuwirth,
    phone +43 (1) 53 122 1006
    or mail