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Media Spokesman

Media Spokesman

The Constitutional Court endeavours to inform the public of its mode of operation, its proceedings and rulings, as well as the reasons that have led to these rulings. Such knowledge is a prerequisite for the acceptance of the Court’s rulings. This acceptance of decisions taken at federal level is crucial for the functioning of a democracy.

The media play a central role in this respect. By informing the public about the Constitutional Court and its rulings, the media disseminate knowledge about the  constitutional control function of the Court.

Therefore, the Constitutional Court employs a media spokesperson to communicate information to the public. He serves as the first point of contact for journalists, who need to be provided with timely and comprehensive information on the Constitutional Court. As spokesman of the Court, he issues official statements to the public. From 2009 to 2014, the media spokesperson also wrote a blog, whose archive you can consult online. By now, the spokesman of the Court can also be found on Twitter. You can find his tweets here @VfGHSprecher.

Please bear in mind that the media spokesman only answers enquiries by media representatives.  

Media Spokesman

Raphael Draschtak
Telephone: +43 (1) 53 122 1006

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