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Selected Judgements of the Constitutional Court

Selected Judgements of the Constitutional Court (VfSlg)

Ausgewählte Entscheidungen - Cover 

Since 1919 the Constitutional Court has published its judgements and decisions in official, printed law reports. For a long time, these reports were entitled “Sammlung der Erkenntnisse und wichtigsten Beschlüsse des Verfassungsgerichtshofes (VfSlg) (Compendium of Judgements and Most Important Decisions of the Constitutional Court). However since the number of cases increased steadily, it was decided to print only a selection of judgements and decisions. Hence, since 2012, the law reports have been published under the slightly different title “Ausgewählte Entscheidungen des Verfassungsgerichtshofes (Selected Judgements of the Constitutional Court), with the acronym “VfSIg”. The reference number of the judgement used for citation. 

The latest volumes of “Ausgewählten Entscheidungen des Verfassungsgerichtshofes” have been published by the Verlag Österreich and can be purchased in bookshops.

The Court’s jedgements and decisions are also published online, in the Legal Information System (RIS), dating back to 1980. Decisions published in the official collection between 1919 and 1979 can also be consulted online, in the ALEX-database of the Austrian National Library.

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