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Electronic Legal Filings by Lawyers

Electronic Legal Filings by Lawyers

Please note that pursuant to section 14a paragraph 1 in conjunction with paragraph 4 Constitutional Court Act (VfGG), lawyers must file submissions and enclosures with the Constitutional Court via the system of Electronic Legal Filings (ERV).

If an application to the Constitutional Court is filed electronically via ERV, the filing fee will also be settled through an automated system of data processing – a separate remittance of the fee is not necessary.

All submissions are filed exclusively via the masks of their lawyer’s software (the Constitutional Court does not provide an ERV code!).

First-time filings and follow-up filings are possible:

  • With first-time filings, all fields in the input mask of the lawyer’s software must be filled in.
  • With follow-up filings, it is sufficient to fill in the case number of the proceedings which are pending with the Constitutional Court and to file the submission.

Please note that attached data files must not exceed a maximum size of 50 MB (this is the file size the ERV system currently allows to transmit).

Should you encounter any problems when filing a submission, please primarily turn to the support of your software provider. We will readily answer any additional questions you may have.

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