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View form the Freyung to the Building of the Constitutional Court.
Th entrance of the Constitutional Court.
The Bench of the Judges in the Court Room of the Constitutional Court.
Members of the Constitutional Court at the Beginning of a Public Hearing.
The Members of the Constitutional Court in the Court Room.
Members of the Constitutional Court at the Beginning of a Public Hearing.
The Judges of the Constitutional Court on the Round Table in the Consulting Room 1.

Up-to-Date Information


January 2019: Precursor of today’s Constitutional Court established 100 years ago

Austria’s system of specialized constitutional justice “exported” to many countries of the world.

29.06.2018 G 77/2018

Intersex persons have the right to adequate entry into civil register

The Constitutional Court decides that the Civil Register Act must be interpreted in conformity with the Constitution, thus none of its provisions needs to be repealed.


Constitutional Court complete again: New President Brigitte Bierlein, Vice-President Christoph Grabenwarter, three new judges

As three Members reached retirement age at the end of 2017, the vacancies had to be filled.

05.12.2017 G 258/2017 ua

Distinction between marriage and registered partnership violates ban on discrimination

The Constitutional Court repeals legal provisions which distinguish between opposite-sex and same-sex couples as of the end of 31 December 2018.


Resolution on "Respect for Independence of Constitutional Courts"

Adopted at the XVIIth Congress of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts in Batumi, Georgia (June 26th-28th, 2017)

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Die Mitglieder des östereichischen Verfassungsgerichtshofes

Members of the Constitutional Court: Overview

More information about the activity of the Members of the Constitutional Court


Activity Reports

The activity reports of the Constitutional Court contain statistics on number of cases, duration of proceedings etc.


Citizens’ Service

For personal inquiries please contact the citizens' service

The History of the Constitutional Court: An Overview

The History of the Constitutional Court

An Overview

International Aiffairs

Constitutional Justice at International Level

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