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Decisions of the Court Regarding Measures against COVID-19

Lack of Compensation to the Owners of Businesses Consistent with Constitution – No Legal Basis for General Ban on Entering Public Places (aussi en français)


Verena Madner Sworn In as Vice-President of the Constitutional Court

Van der Bellen: “Even in this delicate situation marked by drastic restrictions, the Constitutional Court will prove its worth”


Christoph Grabenwarter sworn in as President of the Constitutional Court by the Federal President

Van der Bellen: “Through its numerous decisions, the Constitutional Court has proven its independence.”


30th Constitution Day Celebrated with High-Level Guests

On 1 October the Austrian Constitutional Court celebrated the 30th Constitution Day and was honored by the presence of Federal Chancellor and Federal President.


January 2019: Precursor of today’s Constitutional Court established 100 years ago

Austria’s system of specialized constitutional justice “exported” to many countries of the world.

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The Members of the Constitutional Court

Members of the Constitutional Court: Overview

More information about the activity of the Members of the Constitutional Court


Activity Reports

The activity reports of the Constitutional Court contain statistics on number of cases, duration of proceedings etc.


Citizens’ Service

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The History of the Constitutional Court: An Overview

The History of the Constitutional Court

An Overview

International Aiffairs

Constitutional Justice at International Level

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