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Media Spokesperson on Twitter

The Constitutional Court (VfGH) is represented on twitter by the spokesperson @OeVfGH. The tweets are in effect messages and news by the spokesperson.

With Twitter, the Constitutional Court deliberately opens another way of communicating in order to inform about the functions and activities of the Court. However, the Court has to use Twitter appropriately for a Supreme Court. For the “twitter policy” @OeVfGH this means among others:

  • @OeVfGH only occasionally follows organisations and individuals. The circumstance that the spokespersonfollows someone on Twitter cannot be viewed as assessment and does not lead to a close relationship to the Court.
  • Inquiries by the media mostly call for more extensive replies by the spokesperson of the Constitutional Court than are possible on Twitter. Journalists are asked to contact the Constitutional Court’s spokesperson via the customary way (telephone, e-mail). If the confines of Twitter allow, @OeVfGH can also answer to media inquiries in this way.
  • Please keep in mind that @OeVfGH does not normally answer to direct messages. This exceeds the feasible. Direct messages to @OeVfGH do not count as official contacting of the Court. This also applies to the parties of proceedings.
  • On twitter, the customary form of communication of the spokesperson of the Constitutional Court applies: naturally, she cannot comment on the decisions of the Court and cannot take part of discussions about them. In addition: The Constitutional Court does not provide legal advice via @OeVfGH. 
  • @OeVfGH monitors the activities regarding the account regularly, but not permanently.

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Activate all functions on Twitter with ON, but be aware that Twitter will place cookies on your computer. Or leave the switch OFF to avoid transferring data to social networks.
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