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Statistics: Types of Proceedings

The following bar charts document the accumulation of proceedings at the Constitutional Court by type of the proceeding. The first chart presents a complete overview from 1947, the second shows a snippet of the last few years from 1997 onwards.  

The data comes from the activity report of the Constitutional Court. The types of proceedings are labeled according to legal basis and classification sign. Additionally, the data can be activated and deactivated by clicking on the respective key description within the graph. The subsequent chart displays all types of proceedings for detailed explanation. 

Pecuniary claims against the Federation, the provinces, the municipalities and municipal associations Art. 137 B-VG A
Complaints against an Administrative Authority (until 2013) Art. 144 B-VG B
Contraventions of International Law Art. 145 B-VG C
Dismissal of a member of the Constitutional Court Art. 147para 7 B-VG, § 10 VfGG DV
Complaints against regulations and decisions of the Administrative Courts Art. 144 B-VG E
The establishment whether an agreement within the meaning of Art. 15a para 1 exists and whether the obligations arising from such an agreement have been fulfilled Art. 138a B-VG (p.r.n. in conjunction with Art. 2 para 2 BVG concerning the approval of the Austrian Federation of Local Authorities and Austrian Union of Towns) F
Unconstitutionality of Laws Art. 140 B-VG G
Conflicts of Competence Art. 138 para 1 B-VG K I
Establishment of the competences of the Federation and the provinces Art. 138 para 2 B-VG K II
Divergences of opinion on interpretation of the legal provisions which prescribe the competence of the Court of Auditors or a Provincial Court of Auditors Art. 126a resp. Art. 127c Z 1 B-VG KR
Divergences of opinion on interpretation of the legal provisions which prescribe the competence of the Ombudsman Board or a regional ombudsman Art. 148f resp. Art. 148i para 2 B-VG KV
Suits against highest authorities for culpable legal contraventions Art. 142 and 143 B-VG SG
Unlawfulness of state treaties Art. 140a B-VG SV
Complaints against decisions of the Asylum Court [2008-2013] Art. 144a B-VG U
Challenge to decision concerning the classification of information Art. 138b para 2 B-VG UA
Requests concerning the appointment and activity of committees of inquiry of the National Council Art. 138b para 1 B-VG UA
Unlawfulness of legal ordinances Art 139 B-VG V
Challenges to elections to a Provincial Government and to municipal authorities entrusted with executive power Art 141. para 1 lit. b B-VG W I
Challenges to the election of the Federal President, elections to the general representative bodies, the European Parliament, and the constituent authorities of statutory professional associations Art. 141para 1 lit. a B-VG   W I
Loss of function and seat, resp., due to a violation of the Incompatibility and Transparency Act § 10 Abs. 1 Incompatibility and Transparency Act   W II
Loss of seat of a member of a municipal authority entrusted with executive power or a member of a constituent authority of statutory professional associations Art. 141 para 1 lit. g B-VG 
[up to BGBl I 2016/41: lit. d]   
Loss of seat of a member of a general representative body or a member of the European Parliament Art. 141para 1 lit. c B-VG   W II
Loss of office of the Federal President, a member of the Federal Government, a State Secretary, the President of the Court of Audit, a member of the Ombudsman's Office or a member of the state governmentArt. 141para 1 lit. d B-VG  
Art. 141para 1 lit. e B-VG  
Art. 141para 1 lit. f B-VG  
Challenge to the result of referenda, plebiscites, public opinion polls and European Citizens’ Initiatives Art. 141para 1 lit. h B-VG
[up to BGBl I 2016/41: lit. e]  
Registration of persons in electoral registers and deletion of persons from electoral registers Art. 141para 1 lit. i B-VG  
[up to BGBl I 2016/41: lit. f]
Illegality of proclamation of the republication of laws or state treaties Art. 139a B-VG   W V
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