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The Constitutional Court of Austria
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General Direction

The Constitutional Court’s website serves to inform about the Court, its position in the Austrian legal system, and its judgements and decisions. However, if you want to appeal to the Court or file an application this information does not replace a consultation by a legal representative.  

Legal Disclaimer

Our website does not raise claim to completeness. The Constitutional Court cannot assume liability for the information on this website. Even the most thorough research and preparation does not guarantee that the information provided on this website is always accurate and up to date. If and when mistakes occur on our website they will be corrected shortly. We gladly accept your feedback in this matter. Links to other websites and documents which do not originate from the Court have been chosen carefully. The content of other websites lie not within the sphere of influence of the Constitutional Court.  


The Constitutional Court is making every effort to ensure accessibility to respective information on this website. Unfortunately complete accessibility cannot be guaranteed due to insufficient facilities. In order to improve our services we rely on feedback: please contact us if you have any problems with accessing information on our website – we want to learn from your experience!  

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