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Service: Overview

Service: Overview

 The following information – for instance on frequently asked questions (FAQ) – should help and support you to maintain your rights. However, please note that this information is not to be taken as a  substitute for consultation with a legal representative.

An application/a complaint filed with the Constitutional Court entails costs. Besides the costs for a legal representative, a filing fee is to be paid. Under certain conditions, the state assumes some of the expenses in case of social and financial need. The application for legal aid can be filled out and filed without a legal representative. You’ll find the respective forms under Legal Aid Forms.

As part of the court’s services, the Constitutional Court sends out its rulings by e-mail, if they aren’t already uploaded on its website. You can order these decisions by indicating particulars such as the reference number or key words relating to the case. The transmission of decisions by e-mail is free of charge. If you want to have a decisionprinted out and sent to you by post, the Court will charge for expenses.

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