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Barbara Leitl-Staudinger, Substitute Member 

Dr. Barbara Leitl-Staudinger, born on June 10th, 1974 in Linz; attended school in Linz, graduated from Bundesrealgymnasium Linz; student of law (1999 Mag.iur., 2001 Dr.iur.), of business administration (1996 Mag. rer.soc.oec.), and commercial science (1997 Mag. rer.soc.oec.) in Linz; university assistant at the University of Linz from 1999 to 2005; habilitation in Public Law at the University of Linz in 2004; Constitutional Service at the Office of the Government of Upper Austria in 2005; member and alternate member of the Federal Communication Senate (“Bundeskommunikationssenat”) from 2005 to 2013; professor for Public Law at the University of Linz since 2005; Head of Department of the Institute for Multi-Media Public Law at the University of Linz since 2007; Vice-President of the Society for Administrative Sciences (“Verwaltungswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft”) and Society for Municipal Sciences (“Kommunalwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft”) since 2009; nomination for Austrian judge ad hoc at the European Court of Human Rights in 2010; Deputy Head of Faculty Senate at the University of Linz in 2010.

Executive functions for legal entities (except registered associations): managing partner at Carex Beteiligungs GmbH; member of the supervisory board of the Oberbank AG; head of the Burgholzer private foundation; authorised officer at Baustoff Interhandel GmbH.

Substitute member of the Constitutional court since 2011. Nominated by the Federal Government.

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