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Nikolaus BACHLER

Nikolaus Bachler, Substitute Member 

 Dr. Nikolaus Bachler

born in 1967 in Graz

since 2009Substitute Member of the Constitutional Court


until 1985Schooling in Graz
1991Magister iuris, Karl-Franzens University Graz

Doctor iuris, Karl-Franzens University Graz

1993–1994Legal clerkship
1997Civil service exam
2003Internship at the European Court of Justice (cabinet of the Austrian judge Peter Jann)

Employment History

1994–1997Law clerk at the Administrative Court
1997–2005Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Economy, Legal Affairs Section
since 2006Judge of the Administrative Court

Other Functions

2000–2005Member of the Independent Environmental Tribunal (Unabhängiger Umweltsenat)
2002–2005Chair of the Supreme Tribunal of Agriculture (Oberster Agrarsenat)
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