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„The historically best model“: Holzinger calls for more efforts regarding the rule of law.


On the Constitutional Day the President of the Austrian Constitutional Court recalls the dangers for a democratic state.

Gerhart Holzinger, President of the Austrian Constitutional Court, calls for vigilance in regards to the democratic state that is governed by the rule of law. In his ceremomial speech he points out international developments ­– „not anywhere in the world, but indeed also in countries of the West, in particular here in Europe“ –  that would show the practical tests the constitutional state was currently facing. Based on experience from history he takes the democratic state that is governed by the rule of law in a united Europe for the best model to ensure proper conduct of our community. Holzinger, who reaches the age limit and thus retires from the Court by the end of the year, appeals to his audience to „continue striving to preserve what we have achieved“. 

With the annual Constitutional Day the Constitutional Court reminds on the adoption of the Federal Constitutional Law through the constituent National Assembly on 1 October 1920. Among the guests of the ceremony were Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, his predecessor Heinz Fischer as well as Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. In a spirit of solidarity Holzinger also invited the former President of the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland, Andrzej Rzepliński, and his deputy, Stanislaw Biernat. By this gesture the Constitutional Court wanted to demonstrate that the concern for a functioning constitutional jurisdiction must be a pan-European cause. 

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