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A senate of the Constitutional Court, 2nd half of the 1920s (In the middle: President Paul Vittorelli; second from the right: Hans Kelsen; second from the left: Friedrich Engel) [Provided by and used with permission of Anne Feder Lee, Ph.D.m granddaughter of Hans Kelsen]

Former Members 1919–1934

Dr. Ludwig Adamovich1930–1934Member
Dr. Max Adler1924–1930Substitute Member
Friedrich Austerlitz1919–1930Substitute Member, Member since 1919
Dr. Julius Berger1930–1934Substitute Member
Dr. Edmund Bernatzik1919Member
Dr. Matthias Bernegger1920–1933Substitute Member, Member since 1930
Dr. Alfred (Edler von) Bloch1919–1926Substitute Member
Dr. Ernst Durig1930–1934President
Dr. Hermann Eckel1930–1934Member
Dr. Arnold Eisler1919–1930Substitute Member, Member since 1924
Dr. Friedrich (von) Engel1919–1934Member
Dr. Eduard Erler1919–1920Substitute Member
Dr. Hermann Esser1919–1921Member
Dr. Stephan Falser1919–1930Substitute Member, Member since 1922
Dr. Jakob Freundlich1930–1934Member
Dr. Georg Froehlich1930–1934Vice-President
Dr. Viktor Fuchs1919–1921Member
Dr. Ernst Ganzwohl1930–1933Substitute Member
Dr. Franz Gruener1919–1921Member
Dr. Gustav Harpner1919–1921Member
Dr. Karl Hartl1921–1930Member
Dr. Robert Hecht1930–1933Substitute Member
Dr. Karl Hugelmann1919–1926Substitute Member
Dr. Ernst Jäger1920–1921Substitute Member
Dr. Hans Kelsen1919–1930Member
Dr. Viktor Kienböck1919–1926Substitute Member, Member since 1919
Dr. Alois Klee1921–1930Member
Dr. August Kolisko1919–1921Substitute Member, Member since 1919
Dr. Max Kulisch1930–1934Member
Dr. Max Layer1924–1930Member
Dr. Arthur Lenhoff1930–1934Member
Dr. Otto Lutz1929–1930Substitute Member
Dr. Friedrich Mathias1930–1933Member
Dr. Michael Mayr1921–1922Member
Dr. Adolf Menzel1919–1930Vice-President
Dr. Robert Neumann-Ettenreich1919–1926Member
Dr. Julius Ofner1919–1924Member
Dr. Edmund Palla1923–1934Substitute Member
Dr. Karl Pawelka1921–1930Member
Dr. Adolf Pilz1930–1933Substitute Member
Dr. Georg Pockels1930–1934Member
Dr. Ludwig Praxmarer1930–1933Substitute Member
Dr. Hermann Prey1930–1934Member
Dr. Rudolf Ramek1921–1930Member
Dr. Isodor Rosner1920–1923Substitute Member
Dr. Heinrich Seydl1926–1930Substitute Member
Dr. Julius Sylvester1919–1930Member
Dr. Alfred Verdross1926–1930Substitute Member
Dr. Paul Vittorelli1919–1930President
Dr. Gustav Walker1930–1934Member
Dr. Adolf Wanschura1926–1933Member
Dr. Fritz Winter1919–1920Substitute Member
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